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You Were Born to Live Alone If You Have At Least 5 Out of These 6 Traits

The idea that we might need to live alone at some point probably seems scary to some. It’s easy to feel as though you have to rely on someone else in your living space in order to help you survive, keep you entertained, and keep you sane.

But then there are some who are clearly capable of living alone and thrive in doing so. They’re people who have learned to be comfortable with themselves and with the silence sometimes associated with leading a single, solitary existence. And not just survive it, but actually thrive and be truly happy.

If at least 5 out of these 6 traits sound like you, you probably have what it takes to live on your own.

You love yourself

If you’ve spent some time alone and really looked inward, you probably have a pretty good idea of who you are. And just as there are things about others that we would probably like to change, when you truly look at yourself, you find things you want to change. And if you look often, you’re highly motivated to change.

When you create in yourself the kind of person you truly want to be, you find yourself in love with, well, yourself! This makes so many things easier, like setting boundaries for yourself. And while we’re on that subject…

Your boundaries mean everything

Knowing where your boundaries are and how to enforce them is not something you’re born with but it’s something you learn. As parents, we should teach our kids that no means no and no is the final word on the matter, but sometimes kids don’t get that lesson and need to learn as adults.

If you know where your boundaries are and have no problem enforcing them, it’s a clear sign you have no problem with being on your own. And really, the skill of setting and enforcing boundaries could be a lifesaver one day. If you have trouble enforcing your boundaries, my best advice is to figure out how.

You’re intuitive

Intuitiveness is a survival instinct that has been dulled by modern life. We no longer walk through forests, jungles, and savannahs, requiring a keen eye and an apt gut in order to hunt, forage, flee, and survive. As a result, many have chosen to disregard their intuitiveness. But if you’re a strongly intuitive person, you know that this keen eye of yours can be utterly and completely exhausting. It’s a bit like introversion in a way – you need time to recharge, and you can set your intuition to bed for a while only when you’re on your own and no longer on your guard for predators and danger, or at least predatory and dangerous people. And when you live alone, that recharge time is easy to attain.


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