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Unemployed dad with disturbing face tattoo begs for job on Facebook after searching for months

Mark Cropp, a young man from New Zealand, made a decision that impacted his entire life during a night while serving a two-year, three-month sentence for a botched drug deal.

While highly intoxicated on homemade alcohol made from fermented apples, bread, and sugar, he and his brother decided to tattoo Mark’s face using a makeshift ink that was made from toothpaste and melted plastic knives and forks.

Sadly, the night ended with Mark having the word ‘Devast8’ tattooed all over his face, including his jaw and lower face.

This stupid decision affected his life in a negative way once he was released from prison. Eager to start his life over, he was determined to find a job and provide for his wife and daughter. He also wanted to become a respectable member of the society and leave his old way of life behind, but that turned out to be way more difficult than he ever anticipated.

Despite his work experience, no one wanted to hire Mark, and the reason why wasn’t his criminal record but the huge tattoo on his face.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, this hopeless man shared the story behind his tattoo.

“You know there was a long time there where I would devastate everything I touched. I would end up devastating everyone I met or got close to,” he said.

“They would be disappointed with something I had done or said – I was always hearing ‘that’s devastating.’ Once it was started, I thought, I can’t go back on it now. I wish I had stopped while the outline was there to be quite honest. Before I knew it I had this on my face… It was swollen like a bloody pumpkin,” he added.

Willing to do all it takes to get rid of the awful “art”on his face, he sought help from professional who could help him remove it, but no one wanted to step in. Laser removal was way too expensive and there was no way that Mark could afford it, so he decided to turn to social media users.

In a post shared on Facebook, Mark showed his tattoo asking for a job and a chance to start his life over.

The attention his post gathered showed the power of the Internet.

In no time, his plea was shared multiple times, and it caught the attention of the staff at Sacred Tattoo, an Auckland-based tattoo parlor.

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