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Truth behind Rob McElhenney’s face after New Year’s photo sparks concern

While your Instagram feed is still spammed by everyone’s 2023 round-ups and new year posts, it’s not just that girl who used to sit behind you in GCSE maths getting in on it, but celebrities too.

Except Rob McElhenney’s New Year’s Eve photo dump sparked concern among his fans.

The Wrexham FC co-owner shared various snaps from the year he called ‘one of the best’ in his life.

But McElhenney started the Instagram carousel with a photo of his mega swollen head and face that people couldn’t quite believe was real.

The 46-year-old’s caption reads: “Aside from that slight allergic reaction to the nuts, 2023 was one of the best years of my life.

“Thank you to the people and places that made it possible. My life is full of love and joy because of you. So excited for 2024. I’ll stay away from the nuts.”

So yep, the photo is a snap of an allergic reaction taking an absolute beating of McElhenney’s face.

Fans were concerned... and it's not hard to see why. Credit: Instagram/@robmcelhenney
Fans were concerned… and it’s not hard to see why. Credit: Instagram/@robmcelhenney

Except, that’s not quite the full truth.

Fans of the star will be relieved to hear that it’s not actually a real allergic reaction suffered by the star.

The photo was from behind the scenes at It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which he co-created.

It was McElhenney’s iconic character Mac who had the dramatic reaction to nuts. Take a look here:

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