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Texas Police Officer Takes On a Tornado to Rescue His K-9 Partner in Incredible Viral Video

Literally nothing on earth can separate these two.

Anyone who owns a dog knows that there’s not much that you wouldn’t do for your furry best friend. You feed him, play with him, snuggle him, and take him for walkies.

And, if you happen to be police officer Joel Nitchman, you battle your way through a raging tornado to save him.

What Happened When a Tornado Struck

Nitchman and his narcotics K-9 partner Roni are more than just work colleagues and best friends — they’re family.

“I love that dog. He’s my hip attachment every day of the week. He’s a part of our family,” Nitchman told KHOU-11 News.

So last month, when Roni suddenly found himself trapped in the path of a powerful storm, his human didn’t even pause to think. He just flew into action, putting his own life on the line to rescue that of his dog.

The tornado, which ripped through their hometown of Deer Park, Texas, was no joke. It tore off roofs, downed power lines, and even flipped cars, semi-trucks, and a train. But it was no match for Officer Nitchman.

Nitchman told KHOU-11 that the pair had just came back to the police station from training when the wind really started picking up. At the time, Roni was still in his kennel in the squad car. Within moments, the tornado was upon them.

“The thought of debris or the car flipping over. I couldn’t do that to him. I couldn’t have him out there during that.” Nitchman made his move.

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