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Stay single rather than fall in love with these 5 types of men

1. The one who manipulates you to say “yes” to everything

He’s the man who makes you feel special in that strange, enticing way – enough for you to break all the rules and to throw away all your identity out of the window just to please him. You’ll find yourself dressing up in short skirts, drinking, or laughing in an unnatural way just because you know he’ll find that attractive about you. He’ll make you forget who you are when he hands you a drink and asks whether you want one. You’ll say yes, because you’re young and you want to have fun. Several months later, however, you will break down. Trying to be someone you’re not is more tiring than you think.

2. The one who is cold and indifferent

Be with a man who is sensitive and cares about you. You do not want to be with somebody who is cold and doesn’t care about you or things you love. Every time you talk, if he acts disinterested, you know he is cold. Cold men are indifferent and hardly affected with any kind of emotions.

3. The one who hates your friends and your family

He won’t spell it in your face outright, but you’ll notice his grumpiness when you want to hang out with them from time to time. He’ll demand as to why you need to see them so often, criticize them, and make unwelcomed sarcastic comments. This is the man who wants to monopolize you; the unforgiving man who doesn’t understand the true value of friendship with his peers. He’s the one who gets angry when you don’t text back while you’re going on a shopping trip with your girls, the one who says mean things when you try to talk about your friends to him. Would you want to constantly hear this sort of negativity from this man about the people whom you love?

4. The one who is The Mama’s Boy

We’ve all dated a guy like this. He doesn’t make decisions without his mom’s input.

You might recognize a variation of some of these other guys on the list mixed in with the mommy’s boy as well. (For example, he could also be non-committal because he is already committed to his main squeeze: His mother.)

A way to spot a Mama’s Boy is when his mother helps him pick out his house (or clothes), and not you.

He asks her opinion, not your opinion. And if mommy must come over to take care of him when he is sick, and he is 30, you definitely have one of these guys on your hand. Lose this dude quicker than a bad habit because you don’t want to end up doing his laundry and sorting out his life.

5. The one who changes so quickly, it’s like he’s a different person all the time

One minute he showers you with impossibly sweet words and gestures; and the next thing you know his words cut you like the edge of a knife. You try to tread gently, but it all seems to blow up in your face every time you try to talk about the rapid changes in him. You try to help – and you want to help whatever issues he’s facing, but it’s hard to do that when you’re the one who’s getting hurt all the time. Or maybe he’s incredibly nice to you when you’re with your friends in public, and yet morphs into a giant asshole when you two are alone. Yeah, would definitely recommend any lady to run away from jackasses like these.

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