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Mom Is Forced to Bring Fussy Baby to Class – But Then the Professor Came Over to Her Seat and Did This

It was a memorable first day of school for this four-month-old.

Parenting is a rewarding experience full of highs and lows, great days and not so good days. For new moms, it can also be an isolating and emotional experience. That early period is when you learn who in your community you can rely on, while others surprise you with their compassion and kindness.

Unexpected kindness is definitely what one new mom experienced one day when she was forced to bring her baby to class. There, the professor surprised all students in attendance with a sweet gesture.

An Unexpected Classmate

man holding a baby

Katy Humphrey is more than a marine vet and a college student. She is also a wife and mother to a four-month-old girl named Millie. After spending 14 years as a gunnery sergeant in the Marines, the 33-year-old wanted to go to school for physical therapy and to eventually return to the Army or Navy to help her comrades.

“A couple of my friends in Afghanistan got injured, and when I got back, I really felt a calling to go back to help them and other wounded warriors,” she told ABC News.

Typically, Humphrey would have a babysitter come watch Millie when she had a class. But one day her babysitter canceled on her right before class started, and Humphrey had no choice but to bring Millie with her.

Naturally, things didn’t go so well when Humphrey got there.

Not only was Humphrey a few minutes late to her class, but once she arrived and tried to get settled, Millie began fussing and fidgeting. She didn’t want to sit in her carrier, which made it hard for Humphrey to pay attention.

A Surprising Gesture

In some cases, a professor might ask a student under those circumstances to leave. Dr. Darryn Willoughby was not that professor.

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