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Math Question is Stumping The Internet. What is 60÷5(7-4)

There is no age where a math question cannot be challenging to solve. Whether we are in elementary school, just learning how to do simple addition and subtraction, or when we are in college having to face complex calculus, a math question can never be too easy. However, with age and knowledge, we can expect the simpler functions to be easy. Even then, there are some funny businesses that can catch you unawares. Recently, X (formerly known as Twitter) has been gripped with one such question. It has even left viewers divided into two distinct camps.

Why don’t you give it a try first? Here is the Math question:

So, what do you think is the answer? Before we get into it, be aware that the confusion and debate had spread from X to even forums on Reddit. People have even made videos on YouTube to put all doubts to rest. Of course, they gave their explanations, which we will get into shortly. But before that, decide on your answer and check if your knowledge of mathematics is up to par.



The Math Question’s Solution

First of all, the two answers that people are arriving at are either 4 or 36. To solve this math question, the first and obvious instinct is to employ the rule of BODMAS or PEDMAS, whichever you are familiar with in school. As such, we should solve the brackets or parentheses and then carry on according to the order of the operators. Doing so would make us arrive at “60/5(3)”. Then it would be “60/15” which would give us the answer 4.

However, there is an error in this explanation. Can you spot it? If not, then look at the order of the operators in the rule! You will notice that (D)ivision precedes (M)ultiplication. As such, when we arrive at the step of “60/5(3)”, the next step should be “12(3)”. This will give us the answer 36, which is the correct one. You can get further proof if you give the equation to Google to solve as well. One TikToker, even took the math question out on the streets to get people to solve it. However, commenters still could not believe it when the answer arrived at 36!

So, what was your answer, and did you get it correct? Let us know in the comments below!


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