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Lonely and Widowed 82-Year-Old Goes Over to New Neighbor’s House – Little Did They Both Know What Was Coming Next

The large family didn’t just get a new home, they got a new family member too.

When Sharaine Caraballo, 32, along with her husband Wilson, 42, and their 5 kids moved from Texas to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, they were understandably nervous.

After all, moving into a new town and a new neighborhood can be nerve-wracking. You never quite know what to expect. There are a lot of What-Ifs.

“Our biggest fear moving into a new neighborhood was, ‘What if our neighbors don’t like us?’ What if, because we have a lot of kids, they make a lot of noise and we come from a big family, so what if there’s any conflict with the neighbors?” Sharaine told USA Today.

“We’re the only Black family in our neighborhood and the only minority,” she added.

But it turns out, the Caraballos had nothing to worry about. They were exactly where they were meant to be.

How a Big Family Became Even Bigger

Their neighbors welcomed them with open arms, and in particular, their 82-year-old neighbor from across the street, Paul Callahan. Shortly after they moved in, he showed up unannounced with a ladder and toolbox, offering to help with home improvements.

“He was coming over with tools. He’d bring screwdrivers and teach Wilson how to fix up the garage, and Wilson followed all his advice,” Sharaine recalled.

A widower, Callahan had sadly just lost his wife six months earlier. Grieving and alone and the last of his siblings still surviving, he was looking for friends and ways to fill the long, lonely days. What he ended up finding was family.

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