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Little Girl With Autism Tries to Blow Out Stranger’s Birthday Candles — His Reaction Goes Viral

Parents of children with autism are, unfortunately, used to facing stigmas in their daily lives. So often, strangers can judge them or act harshly toward their children because they don’t understand what it’s actually like to walk in their shoes.

Sometimes, though, strangers can turn all of that around with a simple act of kindness. That’s exactly what one man practiced on his birthday, and now his actions are inspiring others around the globe.

A Birthday Celebration

a little girl blowing candles on a birthday cake

A man was out to dinner with some friends one day to celebrate his 29th birthday. After the meal, the servers came over with a cake and did a short “Happy Birthday” performance. Typically in these situations, other restaurant-goers will take note and smile. Sometimes, they’ll even sing along.

On this particular day though, a young girl with autism saw the celebration and wanted to be involved.

In a video shared by Good News Correspondent on X, the girl comes over to the table and tries to blow out the candles. Immediately, her father follows and tries to stop her, but the birthday boy surprises everyone by insisting the little girl be the one to blow them out.

The smile on the little girl’s face (not to mention the one on her dad’s face) is so sweet that thousands of people shared the video and reacted to it on social media.

In the comments, you can see how inspired people were by this man’s kindness. Parents were particularly touched and thankful to see such a positive interaction.

“As a mom, I have to say thank God for people like this young man,” one person wrote. “Others have to deal with strangers telling us that autism is not an excuse and verbally attacking us.”

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