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Is Your Soul Lost? 7 Signs & How To Piece It Back Together

Did you know that our souls can become lost? Have you ever gone for a period of time where you felt detached, uninspired, fragmented, or like you were somewhat separate from your body? It’s like you have so many feelings, and yet, you have no feelings at all. Well, these are all signs that you may have lost your soul.

Signs That Your Soul Is Lost

In many religions and cultural beliefs, people believe that we have our physical bodies and our spiritual ones. Our spiritual body is the “real” us – our heart, our personality, our thoughts, hopes, feelings, and dreams. When our physical body dies, our spiritual one – our soul –  lives on. Now, where our souls go after death depends on what beliefs we hold. Did you know, however, that while our physical bodies are still alive, our souls can get lost?

Souls can become lost after traumatic events or difficult periods of life. To retrieve it, you can use the help of a shaman. Meditation, time in nature, and self-reflection, as well as working with specialized therapists can also help you find yourself again. (1) The question is: How do you know your soul is lost in the first place? Thankfully, the soul (or rather, lack of one) sends us signs that it has gone wandering.

1. Depression

Depression of any degree, including clinical, is a big sign your soul is lost. Of course, clinical depression should always be diagnosed and treated by a professional. Depression may feel like a sense of purposelessness or worthlessness. You may feel like you have no direction. Not only do you not know where to go next, but you also don’t know where you want to go.


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