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I Caught My Kids’ Babysitter Coming Out of the Shower While My Husband Was Home, So I Turned On the Nanny Cam the Next Day

A lady was taken aback when she returned home one day and discovered her children’s nanny damp after getting out of the shower. What was even more shocking was that her husband was present, and he supported the nanny when his wife expressed concerns!


Okay, here’s the backstory: my husband and I hired a babysitter for our three children because we’re both constantly working. Everything was OK till yesterday. I got in at 6 p.m., and there she was, her hair drenched! She stated she needed to shower since my child spilled milk on her.

I hired and pay the babysitter to care after my and my husband’s children, who are all under the age of six. She attempted to reassure me by stating the children were fine while she quickly showered because they were napping. “I still don’t think it’s appropriate for you to shower in my home, though,” I said frustratedly. The 23-year-old dismissed my concerns and claimed that it wasn’t a big deal.

As we debated the topic, my hubby emerged in the living room! I was more perplexed because my husband was home, and he had agreed with the babysitter, but I emphasized that I was uncomfortable with what had happened.

Both parties rejected my feelings, and the babysitter left for home. But here’s where things get weird: my spouse, who was supposed to be working the night shift at the time, is right at home!

My instinct told me something was really wrong, and I couldn’t stop believing they were having an affair. So, the next day, before going for work, I decided to pull out and turn on the dusty old nanny camera that I had been using since my children were babies.

I surreptitiously set it up in the living room before going to work. The day began like any other, with the typical morning rush of getting the kids dressed, cooking breakfast, and hugging my husband goodbye as I went first for work, with the babysitter passing me at the door. Or so I thought. Little did I know, my life was about to be turned upside down!

Not quite an hour later, I checked the camera and watched MY HUSBAND, who had left for work, enter through the door. My heart fell as he approached our nanny. As I watched, tears distorted my eyesight, making it difficult for me to comprehend what was happening on the small screen of my phone. In a haze, I told my supervisor that I was sick and needed to go home, despite the fact that my illness was one of betrayal and pain.

I rushed home, filled with dread and a strong need for answers, expecting the worst.

However, what I discovered was my spouse at the stove, preparing food. I was shocked by what I saw. My mind was confused with confusion as I tried to match the images from the nanny camera with the man in front of me.

Was I chєαtєd on or WHAT?! My husband, sensing my distress, turned to me with a look of worry.

“Why are you home so early?” he asked.

I told him they let me go home early because of a power outage that brought the systems down.

He seemed to accept my story before saying, “Honey, I have to tell you something,” his voice heavy with guilt.

The confession that followed was completely unexpected. He confesses to being terrified to tell me the truth: he was dismissed a week ago owing to a downsizing at work. My husband claimed he didn’t want to bother me with it and opted to pretend he was going to work.

Instead, he would return home, look for jobs online, and help with taking care of the children, adding: “Yesterday indeed our daughter spilled milk on our nanny so I told her to go and wash everything while I was there to take care of the kids who were napping.”

The incident with the babysitter? “A simple accident,” he explained, that he had handled so I wouldn’t have to worry.

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