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Father and Son Are Tearfully Reunited After 15 Years Apart and It’s Powerful

A father and son reunited after 15 years apart broke down in tears and shared a meaningful embrace. What a powerful moment!

Human beings are all unique. Everyone has their own set of likes, dislikes, thoughts and feelings. As such, relationships are tricky and are often difficult to navigate and maneuver. What may work when communicating and interacting with one person may not work with someone else.

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Also, sadly, relationships can become strained. People can become estranged from one another, refusing to talk or even see each other.

However, a clip posted on TikTok captures the moment a son and a father were brought back together after they had not seen one another for 15 years.

Father And Son Reunited After 15 Years

The text in the video indicates that the moment of reunification between father and son did not just occur out of the blue. Instead, it required “months of planning.”

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About 30 seconds into the video, someone calls for the man to walk into the living room. Moments later he appears and asks what is causing all the commotion. But then he takes his hand to his mouth, unable to believe his eyes. The tears begin flowing down the son’s face.

An older gentleman appears on camera, entering from the left side of the frame. The father and son meet in the middle of the room. They share a warm, loving and long-awaited embrace.

The son, as he hugs his father, goes down to his knees because he is so overwhelmed with emotion.

The father even gives his son a sweet kiss on the forehead.

The two share a few words, but it’s hard to make out what is said because a couple of dogs, also enjoying the special moment, let out several loud yelps.

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It’s unclear why the two went so long without seeing one another. But it’s still an incredibly sweet and emotional clip.

Psalm 103:13 “As a father has pity on his children, so the Lord has pity on his worshipers.”

WATCH: Father And Son Reunited After 15 Years Apart

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