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Emotional support dog ‘dognapped’ from car has the best reunion with its owner

Rob Trevino, a dedicated worker in a youth program, faced a harrowing ordeal when his car was broken into.

The thieves took more than just valuables- they stole Dulce, his three-year-old dog.
But Dulce was no ordinary pet. She served as an unofficial emotional support animal for at-risk kids in the program, making her disappearance all the more distressing.

The Houston Police Department swiftly identified a person of interest in the case.

Claiming innocence, he cooperated with the detectives. He said he wanted to help and expected no reward.

The community’s involvement was crucial as tips and leads poured in.

Everyone was uniting to reunite Dulce and Trevino.

The breakthrough came just 9 days after taking place.
In a twist of fate, two young men who were moved by the story returned Dulce to Lieutenant Kennedy of the HPD.

The lieutenant then brought the beloved dog to an overjoyed Trevino.

The reunion was filled with emotion and relief.
Overwhelmed with gratitude, Trevino couldn’t find the words to express his joy, simply stating, “She’s home now.”

The officers involved in the case shared Trevino’s happiness.
They had worked tirelessly, exploring every avenue to ensure Dulce’s safe return.

As Dulce settled back into her home, the impact of her absence on the children she supported became apparent.

Her return was not just a personal victory for Trevino but a well of relief for the kids who had missed her comforting presence.
Dulce’s role in the youth program was a vital part of the healing and support process for these at-risk children.

The story of Dulce’s disappearance and subsequent reunion is a heartwarming eye-opener into just how thick our bonds with our pets really are. Animals can play irreplaceable roles in therapeutic settings by offering comfort and support to those in need.

The two men who had returned Dulce were rewarded for their honesty and compassion.
The $1000 reward initially offered for Dulce’s safe return was a small token compared to the immense joy and relief her return brought everyone who knows her.

Knowing just how often some reunions never happen, it makes seeing Dulce and Rob reunited a sight that truly warms the heart.

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