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Electrician Fixes Struggling Couple’s Heat For Free So They Trick Him Into Returning

Sleeping in an unheated home in the dead of winter isn’t that far from sleeping right in the bitter cold. Josh and Stacy Lemonds from Oklahoma knew it was a dangerous path to tread, attempting to stay in their cold house. Their heating system wasn’t working because the wiring on the meter was in bad shape. It had never been changed since their cozy little house was built in 1945. The couple couldn’t afford to do anything because they were both out of work. They sent up a prayer for help, and a blessing came down in the form of Joshua Mathews.

One good turn deserves another

Joshua and his wife, along with the Lemonds, are members of a marriage group at their church. Some time ago when Joshua’s wife was sick, the Lemonds had brought her warm meals at home. It wasn’t until later when he finally had the opportunity to repay their kindness.

In an interview with KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4, the Lemonds spoke about Joshua’s swift response to their distress. They contacted their church marriage group for prayers, and Joshua, an apprentice who works for Dane Electric, wasted no time in coming to their aid. Joshua was a former U.S soldier who served two tours in Afghanistan with the 45th infantry.

“He climbed in like within five minutes of the text,” Stacy explains. “He told us, ‘Hey, do you know I’m an electrician? Let me come over.’ He lives only about ten minutes away. He came over, looked at it (the meter) and said, ‘There’s some big problems here.’”

Image Credit: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 | Youtube

Joshua assessed the damage and ruled that they’d have to pull the meter. The couple couldn’t stay inside the house because it was a fire hazard. That night, they sat in their car out in the cold rain, watching Josh as he worked on the meter. Stacy prayed with all her heart that he wouldn’t slip on the wet ladder and fall.

The heating problem turned out to be more than they expected. The couple had no place to go, so their friends at the church got them a hotel room. Joshua worked on the meter for several days and nights, and he didn’t charge the couple a dime. He had his company rule the service a charity, to help a couple in desperate need. Stacy described Joshua as a true servant of God. His selfless act was the definition of true Christianity.

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Image Credit: KFOR Oklahoma’s News 4 | Youtube

The Lemonds get a chance to repay Joshua

First Fidelity Bank runs a program called Pay it 4ward, where they help people repay those who have done great things for them.

Tammy Brakebill from First Fidelity Bank and Heather Holman from KFOR teamed up on this one. They came to the Lemonds’ house and requested the electric company to send Joshua out there to work. He had no idea he was coming in for something much bigger.

When Joshua came over, Stacy was given four hundred dollars in cash to ‘pay it 4ward’ to Joshua. She presented this to him in tears, thanking him for the incredible act of kindness he’d shown them. Joshua was touched by the whole scenario, hugging the couple in joy and gladness.

When asked why he did something so selfless for the couple, Joshua said, “They needed help. It’s just what anyone would do.” Joshua truly has a heart of service. He served his country in two faithful tours, and now he serves his friends whenever they are in need.

The couple now has brand new wiring and a perfectly functional heating system. They couldn’t be more grateful to Joshua for saving their lives. “It’s been humblingbut it’s also been an amazing experience to see people that love, and just love because they love, and just give,” Stacy said.

The world would be a better place if everyone could love like Joshua and the Lemonds. The couple had cared for his wife when she was sick, and he took care of them when they were in need. Sharing such selfless love truly heals the world.

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