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Dying woman says final goodbye to her parrot: The bird’s instant reaction leaves us in tears

Parrots are brilliant animals who can learn to mimic human speech and behavior. They also form strong bonds with their owners and can provide companionship for many years. One woman filmed a tear-jerking scene of her dying mother with her pet parrot. She spent her last few moments with her feathery companion and said her goodbyes. The video has since gone viral, seeing many tears fall down people’s cheeks.

A Final Moment Spent With Her Parrot

In 2017, a video on YouTube went viral. It showed an African Grey parrot called Sinbad sitting patiently on his owner’s arm. It was not a normal day, and Sinbad knew why. His owner, and companion for the last 25 years, was dying. A woman, who can be assumed to be the dying woman’s daughter, brought Sinbad to her hospital bed so they could say their final goodbyes.

Sinbad the Parrot says goodbye to his companion

Parrots have been known to nip their owner’s fingers occasionally, but Sinbad was notoriously gentle. Especially now in the final moments of his friend’s life. He is sitting ever so calmly on his owner’s arm, not making a sound. The woman was lying there, almost unable to move, so Sinbad walked gently onto her stomach. She stared aimlessly into the distance, and Sinbad just waited for her to say goodbye.

The woman’s daughter was filming the scene, making memories of this beautiful yet tragic moment. In between a slight tear-induced sniff, she asked her mother, “Is there anything you want to say?”

“He’s So Sad”

She then talks to Sinbad, who looks at her while he listens. “You gonna be okay?” she asked Sinbad. She then acknowledged his feelings. “He’s so sad,” she said to her mother. “He’s right there at your chesthe’s walking up now.” A few moments go by and the daughter says to her mother, “You gonna say hi to him?”

The dying woman finally musters the energy to look at her beloved feathery companion. She and Sinbad clearly had an amazing bond. She mumbles from the lack of stamina, but you can clearly hear her tell Sinbad, “I love you.” Sinbad the parrot shows he heard her words by nodding his head at her and placing his foot forward on her chest. Almost as if he was taking a final bow.

Why are Parrots Amazing Pets

African Grey parrots are widely known for their exceptional intelligence e and ability to mimic human speech. They are considered one of the most intelligent bird species, having the cognitive ability of a five-year-old child. African Greys study human behavior closely. So much so, that they can understand their owner’s facial expressions, tones of voice, and even their emotions. Because of this, African Greys develop a strong bond with their owners and promise a lifetime companionship. For you see, the typical lifespan of an African Grey parrot can be between 40 and 80 years.

Parrots have just as much emotional depth as they have intelligence. they do not simply tolerate their owners, they love them dearly. Provided they are treated right, of course. When their owner is sick, they know, when they pass away, they genuinely feel grief. This can be seen in observed behavior, such as not eating or refraining from vocalizing. They simply want a companion to bond with – someone who will give them the attention they need and deserve.


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