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Dog with ‘Injured Paw’ Is Miraculously All Better When It’s Time to Go for a Walk

A cute dog was favoring his “injured paw.” That is, until the pup’s owner mentioned it was time to go for a walk. This is too funny!

Animals are much more intelligent than most people would like to admit. Not only are they cute and furry and deserve to be cuddled, but they are surprisingly smart. As any pet owner knows and can attest to, dogs and cats can understand a handful of words and even seem to pick up on the tone in which those words are delivered.

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short but hilarious clip that is less than a minute long shows how one specific word miraculously healed one cute and overly excited canine from an injury.

Miraculous Healing For Dog’s Injured Paw

The clip begins with the dog’s owner asking a simple but vital question: “Where’s Harry?”

Moments later, the cute little dog provides the answer to his whereabouts. It excitedly sprints toward the camera. But there’s something unusual happening. Something appears to be off about Harry. The animal runs toward the camera, holding his right front paw off the ground.

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Despite his speed and happy, upbeat demeanor, the animal does not put any weight on that limb. Harry’s owner also notices Harry’s injured paw.

Harry then learns that, unfortunately, the injured paw will prevent him from going on a walk. After receiving that message loud and clear, Harry sprints back down the hallway. But this time, Harry makes his way down the hallway, surprisingly, without a noticeable limp.

Harry has just experienced the quickest recovery of all time before our eyes!

After the miraculous healing of his injured paw, Harry, understanding what was at stake if he failed to recover in record time, runs up to his leash and then hilariously drags it to his owner.

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Harry, the cute and furry canine, was not about to allow something as serious as a fake injury to keep him from enjoying the great outdoors.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

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h/t: Godtube

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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