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Dad shaves his daughter’s hair for bullying a girl with cancer and pulling off her wig

When it comes to bullying, it is something that is never, ever okay. Sadly, it happens all the time. In schools, in the workplace, online. If you have ever been bullied, you will know all too well how much it can affect you. When it comes to teenagers, bullying is rife. According to Pacer, one out of every five (20.2%) students reports being bullied. As a parent, what measures would you put in place to ensure your child was not bullying another? And, if you found out that your kid was a bully, how would you handle the situation? Bullying is never excusable but this dad might have taken it a little too far when his daughter bullied another girl with Cancer. I am not sure I can agree with a parent who shaves his daughter’s hair off as punishment, then again, what she did was not to be taken lightly, either…Please note, this story has not been verified and has since been removed from Reddit.

Dad finds out his child is a bully

Making news recently, be dad found out that his daughter had been bullying a girl in her school. This girl, however, had cancer and recently shaved her head. Therefore, she was wearing a wig. His daughter made fun of her and even pulled her wig off. Sharing to a post on Reddit, which has since been removed from the platform, the dad said:


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