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Customer Calls 911 To Report Homeless Man At Hardee’s – Police Officer Steps In With Best Response

One homeless man’s run-in with law enforcement went viral, but for all the right reasons.

It’s not a stretch to say that danger lurks whenever a police officer responds to a call. So when dispatch alerted Officer CJ Mullinax of Horry County, South Carolina to a Hardee’s fast-food joint near highway 17, he was on guard.

Sirens called for scraps

However, the “emergency” wasn’t a robbery or fight, rather a homeless man “asking for scraps.”

Many responding officers would probably roll their eyes and escort the vagrant out so they can get on with their day. However, Mullinax took a different approach.

Arriving at the restaurant, Mullinax greeted the man, looked at him and asked whether he was hungry while pointing at the menu with a grin. As the man nodded, Mullinax pulled out his wallet and bought him a hot meal.

5-star salute

Mullinax found out from employees that they had taken a shine to the man and had fed him on several occasions. It was likely a grumpy customer who placed the call to police.

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