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Couple Reveals Name for Newborn Daughter and Can’t Believe Som Family’s ‘Unhinged’ Reaction

A woman and her husband welcomed a little girl into the world, but sadly, instead of excitement, the husband’s side of the family had an “unhinged reaction” over the name for their daughter.

Children are a blessing from the good Lord. Most would wholeheartedly agree that becoming a parent is one of the scariest and most exciting times in life. People can try for years to become parents, so when that moment finally arrives, it’s pure love, joy and excitement for the couple and everyone around them.

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That’s the case most of the time, anyway.

One woman and her husband received a decidedly different reaction after the birth of their daughter, according to a post on Reddit. The woman writes on the popular website that her husband’s side of the family was not exactly thrilled with the newborn’s name: Rosa.

“My husband texts his family group chat,” the woman posted. “His mother responds “No, I don’t really like that name. I much prefer Violet, what do you think about that?”

Naturally, anyone who would have received such a harsh reaction to something so personal, the couple was “stunned,” and the woman’s “poor husband was crushed.”

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However, sadly, the story and the in-law’s nasty response to the little girl’s name do not stop there. The woman writes on Reddit that they received messages from her husband’s sister with “several” proposed alternative names.

Husband’s Side Of The Family Proposed Alternative Names For Their Newborn Girl

Then, after getting home from the hospital, where the newborn had spent time in the NICU, the husband’s mother continued to denigrate the child’s name during a phone call, according to UpWorthy.

The Reddit post adds the mother-in-law asked how the other side felt about the name. All was good. No one on that side had a problem with “Rosa.”

“They must not have good taste – nobody here likes it. Nobody,” was how the mother-in-law responded, according to the Reddit post.

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Words are powerful and should be selected wisely and judiciously. Harsh statements uttered about one’s children can be especially hurtful and sting. That was a moment to be happy for the couple. Instead, that man and woman received nothing but criticism.

“But the tongue can no man tame; it is a restless evil, it is full of deadly poison.” – James 3:8

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