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Couple “Mortified” After Dad Sees ‘Explicit’ Detail in Vacation Photo

A couple experienced sheer embarrassment when their father noticed a rather risqué element in their vacation photo. Embarking on a holiday with your significant other is typically one of the most thrilling experiences, especially on your inaugural vacation as a young couple, where the newfound freedom allows you to unwind beyond prying eyes.

Vacations are for fun right? But what about the vacation photos you take?

Kels and her boyfriend were just taking a normal vacation photo
Image Credit: kels X

Unsurprisingly, this period presents an excellent opportunity to share more intimate moments with your partner. Nevertheless, such occurrences are best kept between the two of you and not divulged to family members.

Regrettably, in 2019, a young woman named Kelsey inadvertently gave her parents a glimpse of her and her boyfriend’s activities. In a mirror vacation photo sent by Kelsey to her parents featuring her and her partner Elliot, bottles of lotion and deodorant were conspicuously placed on the countertop.

When zoomed in, something rather different was seen

Kels' parents had something to say about their vacation photo
Image Credit: kels X

A red bottle, prominently labeled ‘Durex,’ suggested a lubricant used for more intimate moments with a partner. Kelsey shared the ensuing exchange with her parents, with her mother texting: “Dad said the pics are lovely, nice Durex bottle.”

Attempting to salvage the situation, she replied: “It’s Elliot’s knee cream!” However, her parents remained unconvinced as her father zoomed in, leaving the young couple mortified. The photograph and the ensuing text message exchange quickly gained traction, going viral with over 3.8k retweets and 46k likes. In response, Kelsey added, “Ell is mortified.” The comical selfie mishap sparked reactions from other Twitter users who couldn’t resist commenting on the amusing incident.

One user humorously remarked, “Nothing out of the ordinary… it’s not like they were on vacation to visit churches and save the homeless.” “Aw man, you can’t come home from that holiday,” wrote another. Despite the amusing reactions, Kelsey faced some hurtful comments, prompting her to issue another message. She tweeted, “Some people are getting a right little bee in their bonnet about a little bit of lube. Calm down darlings.”

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