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As Firefighters Were Fighting a Blaze – a Dog Came Out of the House With Something in Its Mouth

Being a hero is not limited to just humans. Every living animal can be one. In fact, animals can be heroic way easier than most of us can be, when it comes to their loved ones. For example, there have been many tales of a heroic dog rescuing their owners regardless of the danger. In 2012, a similar story of a heroic dog emerged. This time around, though, she was a mother who was looking after her children. Even today, the story remains extremely wholesome and heartwarming.

The Heroic Dog That Braved A Fire

On 9th August 2012, a house in Santa Rosa de Temuco in Chile had gone ablaze. The cause was a car bomb that had exploded in its vicinity. However, inside the house, there was a German shepherd mix and her ten-day-old puppies. When the house was going up in flames, and the firefighters were doing all they could to fight, the puppies were still inside. The heroic dog, whose name was Amanda, had only one objective in mind – to save the puppies. Her next actions were extremely inspiring and admirable, to say the least.

Amanda did not care for her stamina or injuries.

Amanda repeatedly entered the burning house and brought out her puppies one by one. She had risked her life without a second thought to bring the younglings to the fire truck’s steps. Amanda also did so without taking a single break or reducing her pace. Even after she managed to bring all of the puppies out, she stayed by their side. She sat cuddling them and used her body to shield the young lives from the fiery blaze. During all this while, they watched the firefighters patiently doing their best.

The heroic dog cuddling her rescued pups.
Image Credits: J. Monsalve

Unfortunately, not all of the puppies survived the ordeal. After the heroic dog’s impressive feats, the parent and children were seen by a veterinarian. There, one of the puppies, named Amparo, succumbed to severe burn injuries. Fortunately, the remaining four puppies recovered successfully with time. Felipe Lara, the vet who looked at the heroic dog and her children, explained that Amanda did not stop protecting them even at the vet. Lara described that Amanda had actively fought anyone who tried to separate her and her puppies.

Eventually, though, she allowed them to have the care. But even then, the heroic dog refused to part from Amparo and stayed with her till her final breath. The strength of mothers is truly unrivaled.

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