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Maureen McCormick struggled in her personal life the most in the years after the conclusion of “The Brady Bunch,” despite her fame on the sitcom.

Drug addictions, as well as episodes of despair and bulimia, all contributed to McCormick’s loss of credibility as an actress.

“I received treatment in a psych ward, entered and exited rehab, and prayed to God for guidance.”

The actress reportedly claims in her 2008 autobiography, “Here’s the Story,” that her life was the exact reverse of her character. “Here’s the Story” opened at number four on The New York Times bestseller list.

“For five years, I portrayed Marcia Brady. But in no way, shape, or form was I like her. She was flawless. I was the exact opposite,” she wrote.

McCormick, who possessed a charming and well-known personality on “The Brady Bunch,” revealed in her book how she gradually became involved in the drug culture in Hollywood.

In her writings, McCormick stated, “I sought refuge in seemingly glitzy cocaine dens above Hollywood.” “I believed I would find answers there, but I was only evading myself. I then went on a downhill spiral of self-destruction that nearly cost me my life and career.”

She continued, “Over the years, I struggled with bulimia and drug addiction. I received treatment in a mental hospital, entered and exited rehab, and prayed for guidance.”

McCormick went on to say that she had sex with a Hollywood cocaine dealer in exchange for drugs. She once agreed to let an older man record her naked on camera in exchange for drugs.

“If there was coke, I had to stay up and do every last flake, even if it meant going without sleep for days,” she wrote. “Nothing else was important.”

McCormick and Michael Cummings got married in 1985. They met in a chapel and immediately fell in love. After getting married, the actress had several interventions, stays in rehab, and experimental therapies.

Natalie Michelle is the only kid the couple currently has. Northwest of Los Angeles is where the family resides.

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