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A photographer took an image of 2 zebras, and no one can agree on which one is looking at the camera

There is no shortage of baffling images on the internet. Even a picture of 2 zebras, which appears innocent at first, can be deceptively puzzling!

Today’s baffling photo is courtesy of Sarosh Lodhi. He is a wildlife photographer who hails from India’s Nagpur City. In 2019, he had taken a stunning image of two zebras in one frame when he had visited the Maasai Mara Reserve in Narok, Kenya

However, there was something more to the images than the natural splendor of the zebras. It also turned out to be a baffling optical illusion!

Which Zebra Is Looking At The Camera?

Before we go into any details, take a look at the photo:

Can you tell for certain which of the two zebras is looking at the camera?

Lodhi said that he was experimenting with creative shots when he saw the two zebras approach each other. He thought they would interact with each other in some way, so he focused all his attention on the pair. Then, to his amusement, the pair kept coming closer till they were perfectly aligned, like in the image.

Of course, it left the internet in a tizzy, as users scrambled to justify their answers. Someone even called it a fake illusion created with graphic design. However, Lodhi clarified that it was a real image.

So which one do you think is the answer?

Well, we do have an answer, actually. It is the one on the left! This Twitter user’s reply is very helpful in explaining how to spot it:

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