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10 Best Mouse Guns: Sootch Runs Down his TOP Pocket Pistol Monsters!

“These are my favorite small handguns in .380 ACP. These pocket pistol monsters are not recommended for primary self-defense but make a solid backup. A mouse gun is weak in caliber but very fun to shoot!”

Sootch00’s Best Mouse Guns:

  1. Beretta 950 BS: This firearm is my number one favorite mouse gun. The Beretta 950 BS is a simple blowback pistol with a single-action trigger mechanism and tip-up barrel. The frame is made out of aluminum alloy, and the slide and barrel are carbon steel. It is a small, quality choice but is no longer made. The Beretta 950 BS was made from 1952-2003.
  2. Beretta 21AThis mouse gun is referred to as the bobcat. The Beretta 21A is a double-action pistol. The whole tip-up barrel allows the user to load a round directly into the chamber without racking the slide. It also assists in the safe clearing of the pistol by providing an easy way to check the bore and remove a live cartridge. This mouse gun is similar to your 950 BS but is just a little larger.
  3. Baby Browning FN 1906: When it comes to mouse guns, this is probably the most legendary. The Baby Browning is a small blowback-operated semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured in Belgium. This pistol features a six-round magazine capacity and is a striker-fired, single-action, blow-back mechanism. One of the unique things about this pistol is the French Resistance used it during WWII. This pistol shoots well, is reliable, and is extremely easy to manage.
  4. North American Arms PugThis pistol is a beautiful gun that you can get in various calibers and sizes. One of my favorite things about this specific gun is the extra small Tritium bead and sight on it. It is a five-shot revolver and can be slow to load, but I often carry this mouse gun. It is very easy to slip into your pocket and nice to have.
  5. LW Seecamp 32 ACP: This is one of the smallest semi-automatics out there. The LW Seecamp is a well-handcrafted pistol that is the highest quality pistol out of all 10 of the mouse guns on this list. This mouse gun is an up-close and personal point-and-shoot. This pistol is the most effective self-defense piece.
  6. Ortgies: This mouse gun has some historical significance even though it was only made five years. Eva Braun carried this mouse gun around everywhere. I love the looks of this pistol. With the 25 ACP, it is straightforward to shoot when taking it to the range.
  7. Lifecard .22 LRThis is the thinnest firearm ever made. It is a one-shot .22 that is 1/2″ thick. It unfolds into a handgun with a full-size grip. This firearm has a really cool feature, there is a compartment that you can hold three extra rounds.
  8. Ruger LCP II 22 LR: The Ruger LCP II 22 LR is easy and fun to shoot at the range, and there are several different accessories and colors. This pistol is a great reliable gun in a small size.
  9. Smith & Wesson Model 351 C: This mouse gun is an AirWeight variation of their Centennial Model. Built on an aluminum-alloy J-frame and chambered in 22 Magnum, this revolver is compact and lightweight, perfect for concealed carry or recreational shooting. This mouse gun is one of the lightest revolvers from Smith & Wesson. It is easy to slip and fire in your pocket.
  10. Colt JR: The Colt JR is a small .25 ACP hammer-fired pocket pistol with a six-round single stack magazine that uses a simple blowback action. The Colt JR is an updated version of the Astra Cub. This pistol is a smooth-shooting firearm that is an exquisite pleasure to shoot.

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